Throwback Thursday: Nestle’s Quik!

So this meme about Nestle’s Quik was making the rounds on Facebook this week.  (It apparently originated on the realestateispower Instagram page?)  I grew up loving Quik in the 80’s.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there are millennials who do not recognize it — it was a powder you mixed with milk to get a flavored treat.  (It’s okay … when I was very young, I didn’t really know what this Tang was that adults occasionally referred to — it was just something that was popular a little before my time.)

Now, please understand … when I say Quik, I do not mean the peculiar strawberry-flavored variant that you see pictured below.  I and every other self-respecting kid in my neighborhood appreciated the chocolate variety.  Strawberry was for … Russian kids.  Or maybe hippies.  Or girls, possibly.

Anyway. it turns out I’m not the only one who deliberately put too much mix in, so that I was rewarded with that delicious chocolate mud at the bottom of the glass.  Facebook has informed me that was machination employed by others as well.



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