Thanks (again).

I’m probably repeating myself here, but if you are a healthcare professional or a frontline worker of any kind, seriously, thank you.

Doctors and nurses are facing challenges on the job that I couldn’t imagine. Lord knows most of us would have a hard time summoning the courage to face the dangers that they do. I can’t imagine being that disciplined or mentally tough.

And where would we be without essential service workers and store employees? I know that many of them are exposed to a frightening degree of risk — and often for little money. The rest of us would be screwed if they weren’t there. It really is just that simple.

Anyway — you customer service folks — lots of us are especially grateful to you … I hope that you don’t run across any bad apples that obscure the fact.

Hey — if you are reading this and you’re interacting with frontline workers of any kind … maybe we can all make a sort of honor-system-ish online pact here to be extra courteous? I used to work retail, and I can assure you that a sincere thank you or a kind word goes a long way. And tipping well can really underscore the point.



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