Catch you later.

You know what would be interesting? If technology advanced to the point where if you contracted a contagious illness, you could trace it to EXACTLY who gave it to you.

So if you faced a lifetime of lung problems from coronavirus — or maybe if you unknowingly passed it to your parents, and it killed them — you would know which neighbor’s barbecue or bar crawl directly caused that.

You could ask them if it was worth it.  It would make for some interesting conversations.

It would actually make a hell of a science fiction story.



Oh!  One more thing!

Quick word of thanks to all the dudebros who work at Denny’s who are breaking down the finer points of the incidence, transmission, and long term effects of a new and potentially fatal respiratory disease.

I’m glad you’re here to explain this stuff. I hate getting all of my information from the CDC.



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