Consider the source.

If you give any credence to Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud (or, indeed, ANY claims the man makes) let’s put them in the context of his track record in telling the truth. I’m linking here to The Washington Post’s compiled list of 26,548 false or misleading claims since he took office.

The list was last updated on October 22, so there are more that two full months of steady accusations that have not been subjected to verification.  (Trump’s Twitter feed currently reads like that of a rabid, reality-impaired Don Quixote.) 

Fake news, you say?  Bias?  Take a look at the list.  It’s easy to understand, it’s meticulously detailed and it has links to back itself up.   It … looks pretty real to me.

This is the great truth teller in whom you have placed your trust — the man you’ve chosen to believe instead of The Supreme Court, all the lower courts, election officials, election workers, new reporters and even his own Attorney General.

It makes you think, doesn’t it?


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