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Give yourself credit.

Give yourself credit.

We still live in a historically perilous time for our Republic.  But a big chunk of said peril just departed The White House — The People’s House — this morning.

You did that.  You are, among other things, proof that resistances can win.

You were on the right side of history.  And you prevailed.

With Apologies to The Beatles

You say you want a revolution
Well, we all know
You just want to change the vote.
You tell me that it’s evolution?
Well, why follow
The dude dressed up as a goat?

But when you begin the violent destruction
Of the Capitol, you can count me out.
This country’s never gonna be
All white.
It’s never gonna be (all white)
It’s never gonna be (all white).

You say that Donnie’s the solution
Well, you know
He’s got really tiny hands.
You talk about the Constitution.
Well, we know
That you aren’t really fans.

Cuz if you riot for people with minds that hate
Biden’s still next president of the United States,
Which is never gonna be (all white).
Yeah, it’s never gonna be (all white).
Yeah, it’s never gonna be (all white).