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“Savior complainin’.”

It was interesting to hear Lev Parnas comment to Anderson Cooper today that he once had such “a shrine” to Trump in his home, and that he “idolized him” and “thought he was the savior.”

It exemplifies the apparently religious fervor that many of Trump’s most ardent supporters express.

I am loathe to give Trump credit for anything. But I am always surprised at his ability to instill loyalty in his base.

He truly could shoot someone in broad daylight and still retain his followers, as he once so infamously claimed. That’s why it’s naive to think they’d care about graft or election interference or collusion with foreign powers.

What is it about the man? He has zero charisma. He’s mercurial and confusing about his positions, he’s inarticulate, and he’s sometimes incoherent. He isn’t handsome. And his habit of attacking people seems to contradict every Dale Carnegie training course I ever heard of.

But watch footage of his rallies. The attendees devour his every word with elation.  I am a reasonably intelligent and likable adult.  And so, presumably, are you.  Yet we will never know such adulation in our lifetimes.

No matter how vague or dumb or muddled or ugly his message may be, he inexplicably induces euphoria in them. The psychology of that is blackly fascinating.

Recall, please, that Trump’s supporters (if not his base) comprise roughly a third of the American electorate.  How can so many people have brains that are so tragically wired like that?

The Age of Trump has me worried not just about him, or about his base, but about human beings in general.


It’s a Christmas Twitter Political Limerick Miracle.

So, dudes, this really cool thing happened during the first wee hours of Christmas 2019.  I couldn’t sleep (yet again) so I was Twittering in bed — I wound up responding to the #Dimerick hashtag, where people were poking fun of Donald Trump with limericks.  I wrote four.

George Conway retweeted two of them. (As you’re doubtlessly aware, he’s the husband of White House spokesperson Kellyanne Conway — which is funny, because he’s an outspoken and highly visible critic of Trump.  He’s also a very smart guy — if you’re not following him on Twitter, then you should remedy that right now. )

The two tweets just took off.  I got 8,000 “likes” on the first one that you see below, and 5.8 thousand “likes” on the second one.  (Both got more than a thousand retweets.)  All sorts of people were retweeting them at Trump, Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the Senate GOP leadership.  (If the secret police come for me, I love you all, by the way.)

I know it’s a silly thing to be proud of.  But these limericks are … my most popular poems to date.  I might have finally found my real niche.

Just for kicks, I’m sharing the other two that I wrote below as well.


Limerick 1


Limerick 2


Limerick 3


Limerick 4


(Hey, I need to make at least one “Wizard of Oz” reference per year. It’s required by the Weirdo Writers Union.)

By the way, that’s Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.  There’s a depressing article over at The Daily Beast today about Russian state media describing Trump as their country’s “agent.”  You can find it right here.



This goes well beyond party.

It’s past midnight.  I am actually nervously analyzing the President’s vocal and physical cues in all the most recent footage I can find of him to assess any symptoms of substance abuse and/or mental illness.  I swear.  I feel certain any of my friends who are not Republican would not find me paranoid for doing this.

I never thought I’d see the day.

I’m not just talking about longstanding mental disorders that many have long felt confident about pointing out — like narcissism.  I’m trying to figure out if there’s anything acute about to present.

I feel like his rhetoric has always been goddam alarming and that of a wannabe dictator. But recent events show a sharp decline in his decision-making.  (I realize that sounds like a massive understatement in light of his incredible troop withdrawal from northern Syria, and its consequences … maybe I’m just trying to be dispassionate here.)

People sometimes say that he slurs his words; I, in all honesty, have discerned that only once.  (It was a while ago; I can’t remember where he was — maybe it was a CPAC speech?)

His body language today was different.  He doesn’t look good.  His face occasionally looks bloated to me, and today he seemed tired.

So much of what comes out of his mouth is crazy, but that’s been true from the start.  So … maybe I should be less worried, given his “baseline?”  That seems like false comfort.

I keep reminding myself that he’s 73 years old.

I am genuinely worried.

I’m sorry that this is such a rambling post … I guess this is just sort of a stream of consciousness tonight.



(This should really appeal to your basssse.)

Mr. President, here’s a brilliant idea.  Why don’t we combine your plans for the border moat and your plans for the Space Force and just launch snakes and alligators into space?

Designing spacesuits for the snakes would be a challenge — as would the question of how they would hold their laser guns.  But if we pulled it off, we could call it the Ssssssspace Force.

Locating the snakes to recruit would be easy. Just look at any Republican Congressman still supporting you.