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The President of the United States is in quarantine.

At this point, the Republicans might as well replace their elephant emblem with a plague rat.


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Fun fact — “alien DNA ” and “demon sperm” were both plot devices on “The X-Files” (1993-2018). The former was part of a background story arc throughout most of the show’s seasons; the latter was the subject of a Season 6 episode entitled “Terms of Endearment.” (Aside from being a great episode, it’s notable because it stars horror icon Bruce Campbell.)

Stella Immanuel may be an irresponsible quack, but she really knows her sci-fi television.


A modest proposal for my sci-fi friends …

… if Donald Trump continues using secret police to pop up and snatch people off the streets, then please join me in referring to them as “the Morlocks.”

I’m kinda surprised we missed the opportunity the first time.



Photo: Poster for “The Time Machine” (1960), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.


If you care about America — about the basic everyday freedoms that distinguish us from a totalitarian state, then I am begging you to read Michelle Goldberg’s opinion piece in today’s New York Times.

If you support Donald Trump, then I am begging you here to stop doing so.

“Trump’s Occupation of American Cities Has Begun,” Michelle Goldberg



“Trump’s secret police”

I feel like we’ve turned a frightening corner here. Last night was the first time I’ve read the words “Trump’s secret police” — it was a user on Twitter.

Today it appeared in a headline at The Nation.

Republican Steve Schmidt went on Twitter a little while ago and called upon the Governor of Oregon to order the State Police and the National Guard to arrest the unidentified federal forces in unmarked vans who are snatching people off the streets.

Update: Now people are saying it was The Department of Homeland Security. Also: the people were apparently all detained because they were suspected of graffiti offenses?