Trump tells reporters that what he says to Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit is “none of your business.”

Jesus Christ.  Watch this video.  Did he also imply at the Faith & Freedom Coalition that he was happy John McCain was dead, and suggest that he was in hell?

Am I hearing the president correctly?

Of course it is America’s business what its president says to Putin — especially about Russia’s election meddling.  And especially considering that the president needs to be babysat by people who are less suggestible when sitting down with the former head of the KGB.

Recall, please, what happened when Trump met with Putin at the G20 summit in 2017.  He emerged from his meeting saying they’d discussed a joint “Cyber-Security unit” with Russia.  He then downplayed the idiotic idea after the predictable uproar.

It’s … it’s probably a very good idea if we keep track of what the president plans on doing with Putin, right?  Am I alone here?  Throw me a bone here, people.

A friend of mine just chimed in on Facebook with a point that is far more relevant than mine above:

Don’t you just love when the man who said that he would accept foreign help from adversaries to win an election and met with them multiple times tells us that it’s none of our business what they are discussing?”



(I’m still a cheap date, though.)

Friend:   “What if the president gave us all $20,000 each, would everyone drop their hatred for him? Would money solve the problem?”

Me:   “C’mon. If I could be bought off that easily, I’d be a Republican Senator.”



If you are a reporter and reading this, please keep up the good work.

You are not “an enemy of the American people.”  Nobody sane actually believes that.  (And no sane president would say it.)

The people who make this claim that are the very same poorly educated whites and insecure, blustering religious zealots who put the dangerous imbecile in office (with a little help from America’s actual enemies, in Russia).

They don’t want their leader held accountable.  They would vastly prefer that the free press be censored so that he is portrayed only in a positive light.  They would rather see the president have the same rigid controls over the media as the vicious dictators abroad who he fawns over.  (The man consistently uses the adjectives “strong” and “beautiful” in connection with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un — you don’t need to be a Freudian to see his adolescent infatuation with homicidal strongmen.)

I honestly believe that even Trump’s supporters, on some level, are embarrassed at the words that come out of his mouth.  The man is a train wreck.  As of this writing, the president just today boasted about “a beautiful letter” he received from Kim Jong Un — and he seemed to comment that he would prohibit the CIA from spying on Kim.  In a separate news item, Trump said that he would accept foreign help in the 2020 presidential election.  (That second item broke less than an hour ago.)

It is easier for Donald Trump supporters to believe that the news media is a sprawling conspiracy than it is to admit the truth — that their anointed leader is a moron.  It’s a very old joke, but I’ll resurrect it here anyway — denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

Don’t let the bastards get you down.



It’s here! It’s here!

My Johnson Smith Company catalog has arrived!!  This is the first time I’ve gotten one in the mail in … 30 years?  35?  (I ordered it on a lark when I wrote that Throwback Thursday post a few weeks ago.)

What a trip!  The mail order company has definitely changed somewhat.  The catalog is far fewer pages now; as you can gather from the picture below, it’s closer in size to those free circulars that you can pick up outside the supermarket.

I was disappointed to see that there are fewer pranks and novelties aimed at kids.  (Whoopee cushions and X-Ray Specs, for example, are nowhere to be found.)  There are far more wares aimed at adults — they include a surprising number of sex toys for both men and women.  (The company adamantly asserts in bold red letters that these items are Non-returnable.)  There is an abundance of pro-Trump merchandise too — check out that “Donald Trump Life and Times Coin & Trading Cards Collection” in the second photo.

Ah, well.  You can still find some cool stuff.  Those “Alien” and “Predator” … “Body Knockers(?)” look pretty neat.  And that Mego “Nosferatu” doll is goddam spectacular.  (I had no idea that the Mego Corporation  was still making toys.)  I don’t know whether its eyes glow in the dark, but I really, really want to believe that they do.






My latest get-rich-quick scheme.

I’m selling miracle pills to Donald Trump supporters. (If you take one per day, they’re 100 percent guaranteed to prevent any cancers caused by windmill noise.)

I figure I can satisfy false advertising laws by stating right in the ad that these are placebos.  Nobody in my target demographic will know what that word means.

I can even say that they are derived from “snake oil.”  None of them are going to get that either.


Macro photo of pile of red capsule pills on same color surface