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This is the second anniversary of the January 6th terror attack.

Two years ago today, a sitting American President incited a massive domestic terror attack to prevent his democratically elected successor from replacing him.

Thanks to all those who bravely fought to protect our democracy from a homicidal would-be king.  And thanks to those who are still carrying on that fight.

This is a graphic illustration of a United States flag. The digitally created flag was used in a U.S. – Japan and U.S. – Korea design, representing III Marine Expeditionary Force’s alliance with Japan and the Republic of Korea. The design is to be mounted on a portable backdrop for the III MEF Commanding General. (U.S. Marine Corps graphic by Cpl. Francesca Landis)

The Roanoke Star features my latest letter to the editor.

I’m very happy to see that The Roanoke Star has featured my latest letter to the editor — about people who draw a comparison between the January 6th attack on the Capitol and protests by Black Lives Matter.  You can find it right here.

Thanks, as always, to Publisher Stuart Revercomb for allowing me to share with my neighbors in Roanoke via The Roanoke Star.