Throwback Thursday: “Ca-Ca-Catch the Wave!”

Here they are — all the Max Headroom ads for Coca-Cola.  (I am linking here to the awesome Zona C Youtube channel.)  When I mentioned the iconic corporate spokesman here on Monday, I had no idea he’d appeared in so many Coke commercials.

Matt Frewer’s stuttering alter-ego really was everywhere in the 1980’s.  (There’s a terrific rundown of his digital reign right here over at Pop History Dig.)  And, for my money, the infamous pirate broadcast incident in Chicago is actually a little creepy when viewed in its entirety, in an accidental, V/H/S kind of way.  (I actually remember seeing coverage of it on the nightly news back in the day — someone hacking into a television broadcast was a big deal.)

Frewer himself remains a sublimely talented guy.  He’s now 65, and his filmography is truly gigantic.  He’s an always enjoyable “that-guy” actor who pops up in all sorts of horror and sci-fi properties.  (You can probably tell a lot about your personality and viewing habits by where you’ve seen him last.)  My favorite role of his might his turn as a doomed nice-guy in the 2004 remake of “Dawn of the Dead,” simply because I love that movie so much.

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