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My review of “Star Trek” (2009)

I was never as into the “Star Trek” franchise as much as its real fans, but I did enjoy the tv show and films.  And like so many people, I was really disappointed at how the lackluster and continuity-crushing “Star Trek: Nemesis” (2002) seemed to sound the death knell for a franchise that has been around since 1966.

I was happily surprised, the, when I finally got to see J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek” (2009) in its entirety.  It captured all of the magic of the original series, and updated it with 21st Century special effects, set design and sound editing.  The all-star cast was uniformly good, even if Eric Bana (as Nero) got too little screen time.  It was amazing how Chris Pine and Karl Urban seemed to channel William Shatner and DeForest Kelley, respectively.

One or two things might make viewers scratch their heads …  The coincidence of Kirk’s discovery on the ice planet is pretty mind-boggling.  And why was he exiled there instead of just thrown in the brig? Also, Nero’s doomsday device appears in the skies over Vulcan and Earth.  Does neither planet have the equivalent of an air force?  Why is the Enterprise the only ship in the battle?

Still, this was a really good hard sci-fi flick.  Check it out if you haven’t seen it already.

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