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A Story in 100 Words features my flash-fiction ghost story!

Ghostly suitors!

I’m happy to see another one of my 100-word horror tales appear over at A Story in 100 Words.  Its title is “I bring her diamonds.  My hands are full of them.”

You can find it at this link.



A Story in 100 Words features “The Toxins in All My Pores”

Genetically altered supervillains!!!

After a lifetime of reading comics, I finally created my own villain and got her origin story published — thanks to the really nice people at A Story In 100 Words.  The title of my 100-word tale is “The Toxins in All My Pores,” and you can find it right here:

“The Toxins in All My Pores,” by Eric Robert Nolan




A Story in 100 Words features “A Ravenous Canvas!”


I’m honored today to see another 100-word horror tale of mine published over at A Story In 100 Words!  Its title is “A Ravenous Canvas,” and you can find it right here:

“A Ravenous Canvas”

A Story in 100 Words is a flash fiction site that endeavors to bring you 100-word stories every day.  (It published another horror short of mine, “Hungry Hannah,” on January 17.)  The site is great fun — give it a look!




Art credit: By Google – https://github.com/googlei18n/noto-emoji/blob/f931bea/svg/emoji_u1f9df_200d_2642.svg, Apache License 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=61942176

My “Hungry Hannah” horror short appears over at A Story In 100 Words!

The nice folks over at A Story In 100 Words have published a new science fiction/horror flash fiction tale of mine.  Its title is “Hungry Hannah,” and it’s my own riff on the creepy doll trope.  You can find it right here.   (If you’d like to take a look, however, please note beforehand that it does depict extreme violence.)

A Story In 100 Words is a terrific site devoted to 100-word stories.  Its goal is to illustrate the “power of flash fiction, both as a storytelling art form in and of itself, and also as a writing exercise.”  I’ve found it’s a great place to peruse a variety of great voices in indie lit.

Give the site a look!  The nature of the work there means you can enjoy a complete story in only a few moments, and it’s loads of fun.