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Throwback Thursday: Levi’s science fiction advertising posters

This ought to be an obscure Throwback Thursday — although I’d be thrilled if somebody else remembered these.  For a brief period in the early 1980’s, Levi’s produced some wicked cool in-store posters with science fiction themes.  I had several of them hanging in my room; the one below dates from 1981, and was advertised on eBay for a while for the modest sum of $20.

For decades, Levi’s had relied on endless cowboy imagery to sell its brand.  And that makes sense, given the rugged individualism they wished to associate with their product.  Portraying people wearing their jeans alongside strange aliens on fantastic worlds seems like an odd marketing choice.  (I don’t think it lasted very long.)  I can only guess that the success of “Star Wars” (1977) and “The Empire Strikes Back” (1980) had something to do with the marketing strategy.  (You can also sometimes find Levi’s posters from the 1970’s featuring psychedelic imagery.)

The poster appears to feature the name “McClure” as the artist.  If any of you guys know the artist’s full name (or can point me in the direction of other posters like this), I’d be grateful.



Internal E-mails, “Terminator Genisys” Marketing Division, Paramount Pictures

Art Department:  Okay, so we have a movie about killer cyborgs, killer robots and embattled human resistance fighters, all time-traveling from a nightmarish dystopian future in which human beings are nearly eradicated.  Would you like imagery focused on warfare raging across a scorched future earth?  Or maybe a detailed image of the liquid metal terminator attacking the heroes in 1984 New York?

Management:  You know what?  Just place an image of the actress’ caboose front and center.

Art Department:  The actress’ what?

Management:  CABOOSE.  BACKSIDE.  Get your head out of your comic books.  Also, hold off on the title script.  We’re thinking of renaming this movie “Backside To The Future.”

Art Department:  Well, should we also show a future battle occurring around her?

Management:  Put her in a god damn wheat field.

Art Department:  What?

Management:  Send more coke to our office.