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Arnold and Jacob Pander’s cover for “Grendel” #7, 1987

Colors by “Grendel” creator, writer and artist Matt Wagner.  This was the original artwork for the “Devil’s Legacy” storyline first published by Comico; Wagner completed the cover art for Dark Horse Comics’s reprints in 2000.



Cover to “Grendel: Devil’s Legacy” #2 (2001)

This is Matt Wagner’s cover for the Dark Horse Comics re-release of the series in 2001 — not its first publication by Comico in 1987.

I know this is a silly observation (and almost certainly unintended by Wagner), but this absolutely reminds me of the Green Lantern Corps comics.  (Consider the color scheme combined with the placement of the circles, and even Christine Spar’s pose.)



Horror comics, a Samurai death poem, and the origin of “Mayakovsky.”

Celebrate National Poetry Month — here’s is Ota Dokan’s famous farewell, written while he died from an assassin’s knife.


“Had I not now that I was dead already

I would have mourned

the loss

of my life.”


I came across this piece when I was 20 years old and reading Dark Horse Comics’ outstanding “Aliens: Hive” limited series, written by Jerry Prosser and illustrated by Kelley Jones.  (Yes, there are people out there who are nerdy enough to learn poetry from comic books.)  “Hive,” to this day, remains one of the most enjoyable science fiction stories I’ve ever read.  Prosser’s script and characters were amazing, and Jones’ art was beautiful; both men exemplified what two talented creators could accomplish with the under-recognized medium.

Most of my online friends know that “Mayakovsky” is a pseudonym I employ when writing movie reviews and such.  This story’s protagonist is from whom I took the name — not the famous poet.  Like I said … NERDY.