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Throwback Thursday: “Fletch” (1985) and “Fletch Lives” (1989)!

God, I loved these movies back in the day.  It’s silly, but they were one of the things that made me want to become a news reporter when I was a kid.  I actually saw the second movie first, in the theater — and then found the first movie on VHS at my local mom-and-pop video store.

I’ve heard good things about the reboot with Jon Hamm, though I haven’t seen it yet.  I’ve also never read the original novels by Gregory McDonald, and I feel like I ought to remedy that.

Ku Klux Klan scene from “Fletch Lives” (1989)

Do millennials even know about the 1980’s “Fletch” movies?  Many years ago, I read reports that a “Fletch Won” prequel was being planned, with the incomparable Jason Lee as a younger version of the wiseass reporter.  How awesome would it be if those plans had ever reached fruition?