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Dagda Publishing releases amazing cover for its upcoming “Fretensis,” by Dennis Villelmi.

Today was the cover reveal for poet Dennis Villelmi’s first book — and it is both frightening and gorgeous.  It was created by Matt Davis, the same talented artist who created the cover for J. S. Collyer’s recent “Zero.”

“Fretensis, In the Image of a Blind God, vol. 1” is a book of horror poetry that promises to be unique.  I have been following Dennis’ published poetry for years, and I envy his combination of abilities. He writes the darkest verses out there, combining gut-wrenching imagery with a impressive and esoteric knowledge of classical, biblical and ancient themes.  His writing is actually a little difficult to describe.  I was having coffee with another writer just a month ago, and had advised her to read the pieces he’s already published at Dagda’s website — but you really do have to read Dennis’ work to see exactly what he does.

The release date is Halloween.

See Dagda Publishing’s Facebook page for its announcement about the cover reveal and the Oct. 31st release.


“Often have I asked myself whether Lucifer fell, or fled in horror …”

“… and with that question always does it feel that “In the Image of a Blind God” isn’t so much an epic poem that I am composing, but rather, is an epic poem composing itself through me.”  — Dennis Villelmi, on the development of “Fretensis” (Book I of “In the Image of a Blind God”), his book of horror poetry to be released by Dagda Publishing on Halloween.

So now I have yet another reason to look forward to October — my very talented colleague Dennis will be releasing his first book, and it sounds damn appealing to horror fans or to anyone who enjoys poetry.

From Dagda Publishing’s newsletter today:  “A work of mad genius,a manuscript of the damned, Fretensis tells tales of Damzui, Lord Of The Husks, through the ages of mankind, of the games that the Celestial Beings play with mortals (sometimes through malice, sometimes because it is merely within their nature), it lurches from Ancient, marble-columned Rome to the dust-blown American Midwest of the modern day to the inner-most darkness present within the corners of our psyche. Featuring madness-cursed immortals, thrice-damned whores and a myriad of characters, all with their own agendas and insanities.”

Yes … that sounds like Dennis!  I’ve loved his unique brand of dark, vivid poetry when it has appeared with Dagda’s publications before, as well as over at his website, “a death’s head in green light” (http://dentatus1976.wordpress.com/).   (See my reblog of “Medalion” yesterday.)  And this upcoming book sounds damn appealing, and perfect for All Hallow’s Eve.

For full details on “Fretensis,” by Dennis Villelmi, see Dagda Publishing’s announcement here: