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The Roanoke Times features my essay, “I Am Going to Drive Drunk Tonight.”

The Roanoke Times published my writing again this morning in its Letters section — this time, it was my brief satirical essay, “I Am Going to Drive Drunk Tonight.”  The regional daily newspaper was founded in 1886 — it is Southwest Virginia’s leading online news source, in addition to its sales at 1,500 locations throughout the region.

You can find the essay right here.

Thank you, Roanoke Times, for inviting those of us in the community to share our perspectives through a first-rate daily newspaper!



Winedrunk Sidewalk features “I Am Going To Drive Drunk Tonight”

I’m honored today to see my satirical essay, “I Am Going To Drive Drunk Tonight” appear over at Winedrunk Sidewalk: Shipwrecked in Trumpland.  You can find the piece right here.

As always, thanks to Editor John Grochalski for allowing me to add my voice at Winedrunk Sidewalk!