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“Dark Sonnet,” by Neil Gaiman (“I Didn’t Write This” series)

I am linking here to another terrific poem interpretation from “I Didn’t Write This.”  The poet here is none other than Neil Gaiman.

You can check out the entire “I Didn’t Write This” series at Yulin Kuang’s Youtube channel here:



An entirely fresh and original visual interpretation of “As I Walked Out One Evening.”

I am linking here to a video in the “I Didn’t Write This” series on Youtube.  I love it — director Yulin Kuang and the actors here create a visually rich, soft-spoken, and quietly contemplative treatment of of what might be W. H. Auden’s most famous poem, “As I Walked Out One Evening.”

The reader’s relaxed and conversational tone are a nice contrast to the piece’s dark imagery.

It’s beautiful work.