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I know it’s a weird story. IT’S TRUDEAU.

Still no word back yet from Justin Trudeau about my letter last week suggesting that Canada purchase Greenland.  I thought that my proposal was a pretty good one, and I’m proceeding here with complete confidence that the deal will go through and that Trudeau will throw that Greenland beach party to troll Donald Trump.

I’m sure he’ll invite me, too.  That’s why I broke out my beach party Hawaiian shirt, which looks not at all incongruous on me in the picture below.

Hey, if the whole thing doesn’t work out, I can at least finally move forward with my long-planned “Magnum, P.I.” reenactment troupe.  (No, of course I am not sexy or cool enough to be Magnum; I hold no such illusions.  But I’d like to think I approach being a passable Rick.)

So we’ll only need a Thomas Magnum and a T.C. to step up.  (Sorry, Higgins hopefuls, but there is a certain friend of mine from college who was born for that role.)