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Throwback Thursday: NBC’s “Cliffhangers” (1979)

We were chatting about obscure TV shows a couple of weeks ago after I shared a post about “Manimal” (which I was surprised to find lovingly remembered by some otherwise sane people).  I was shocked when someone else remembered “Cliffhangers,” which ran for a single season on NBC in 1979.

Dear God, did I love this show when I was a first grader.  I hollered whenever it came on; I’m pretty sure my Mom was amused by that.  I think this is technically the first prime-time show I was ever a fan of.  (Yeah, I ended that last sentence with a preposition; it’s my damn blog.)


Throwback Thursday: “Manimal” (1983)!

“Manimal” (1983) was an infamously bad TV show.  It was so bad that it became a routine punchline on “Mystery Science Theater 3000” about a decade later.

I dunno.  I remember being pretty keen as a kid to watch this dude turn into a panther.  (Panthers, by the way, were kind of a thing for a while in the 1980’s — on posters, stickers, notebooks, etc.  The girls had their unicorns and the boys had their panthers.)