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Let’s get Fredericksburg on television!!

And, this time, let it be for something other than a Civil War documentary.

Russell Morgan’s “Next Steps” is a groundbreaking planned television drama that will be set in Fredericksburg, Virginia  … so if it’s your hometown or your college town, then please consider supporting the project.  Russ will be filming on location in Fredericksburg, and plans to continue to do so after the show finds a home with a major network.  He’s currently working with the Virginia Film Office.

Russ just shared some casting news today: “We have cast John Stagnari, Kosta Trifunovic, Camille Moten, and Curt Foy in our main ensemble.  These guys bring so much to this project that it takes what I’ve written and makes it exponentially bigger, better and stronger.

“But we still can’t do it without your help … we have a LOT more to do to do this the right way the first time.  Please check out our Indiegogo page and contribute if you can … every little bit helps, believe me … and then pass it along!  Thank you!!!!”

Check out the project’s Indiegogo page here:


[EDIT: The broken link has been fixed!]

And, please, consider supporting “Next Steps” financially or just help spread the word!!


Photo credit:  “Fredericksburg Dusk” by Bsteckler – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Support “Next Steps!”

My fellow Mary Washington College alumnus Russell Morgan is developing what promises to be an outstanding Fredericksburg-based television drama: “Next Steps.”  Please stop by his (rather well done) Indiegogo page here, and read up on his ambitious plans for a unique television show:


Yes, I may be somewhat biased here, as Russ is an actor and screenwriter who also happens to be a very dear old friend.  But if you get acquainted with “Next Steps” at the page linked above, you’ll see that it really is an ambitious project benefiting from visible talent and great commitment.

As Russ says, please support “Next Steps” financially, if you can.  But if you’re not in a position to do that, then please help spread the word and share this Indiegogo page.

I am especially looking at YOU, MWC grads!  Please share the link, and support a determined classmate’s very creative vision.


Check out “Next Steps!”

My great friend and Mary Washington College alum Russell Morgan has a terrific new planned television series. He’s got an intriguing idea and is seeing it through with a heck of a lot of talent and hard work.

Check out the official Facebook page for “Next Steps.”