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Synchronized Chaos features “Shine Now, Fiercely, Forever”

I’m honored today to see Synchronized Chaos publish my time travel horror story, “Shine Now, Fiercely, Forever.” 

Synchronized Chaos is one of the coolest independent literature sites on the net.  Its publishing focuses are inspired by the mathematical concept of chaos theory, and it employs randominity to promote imaginative thinking.  Thanks once again to Executive Editor Cristina Deptula for allowing me to contribute to such a unique project.



Publication notice: “Shine Now, Fiercely, Forever” featured at The Bees Are Dead!

I am truly honored today to see my colleagues over at The Bees Are Dead feature a new short story of mine.  Its title is “Shine Now, Fiercely, Forever,” and it might be the darkest thing I’ve ever written.  It portrays a married couple constructing the world’s first functioning time machine — and then discovering what are possibly the worst possible consequences of such a device malfunctioning.

Thanks so much to Philippe Atherton-Blenkiron for allowing me to share via The Bees Are Dead, his online magazine for dystopian prose and poetry!  I am grateful indeed for the opportunity he’s afforded me.

“Shine Now, Fiercely, Forever” can be found right here: