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Throwback Thursday: “The World of the Dark Crystal,” by J. J. Llewellyn, 1982

“The World of the Dark Crystal” was a companion book to “The Dark Crystal” (1982); it was published the same year.   J. J.  Llewellyn penned it as a first-person narrative by the character of Aughra, and it was a terrific, detailed world-building exercise that expanded on the universe of the movie.  But Brian Froud’s full page artwork stole the show.  (This was an oversized book, too.)

It was a welcome surprise under the Christmas tree when I was in early grade school — proving yet again that my parents had a knack for buying me presents that I never asked for but nevertheless loved.





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Throwback Thursday: “The Dark Crystal” (1982)!

My Dad took me to see “The Dark Crystal” when it came out in 1982.  I remember looking it up in the newspaper’s movie listings — and deciding on it even without knowing much about it.  (That was just how we did it in those days — we used “the phone book” and TV Guide as well.)

Hot damn, did I love this movie.  If you’re familiar with the 1980’s at all, then you know that “The Dark Crystal” was a surprisingly dark tour de force for Jim Henson, showcasing his ability to create a detailed and truly immersive alternate world.  (Modern CGI just wasn’t a thing yet — it arguably made its first appearance in 1989’s “The Abyss.”)  And you can’t really grasp the sheer spectacle of Henson’s world designs without seeing this movie on the big screen.