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“The Joy of Horror Novelizations,” by Grady Hendrix, Litreactor

Here’s a fun article over at Litreactor — thanks to Dagda Publishing for the link:


I actually DO remember reading the novelization of “ET” The Extra-Terrestrial” as a pre-teen … and it DID have a lot of sexual content. The book for “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,” as I recall, was quite good.

“Videodrome,” starring that guy who looks like me, NEEDED a novelization so that at least 10 percent of it could be made intelligible.

I almost commented on Dagda’s Facebook wall yesterday that I loved the novelization of “Jaws,” because I am an idjit — of course it was the original Peter Benchley novel.

This is a good article, but it does neglect to mention comic book adaptations of movies — I remember going NUTS for both Marvel Comics’ “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “Return of the Jedi” in comic book format.  “Raiders” was a nice, thick one-shot — about as long as a DC Comics “Sgt. Rock” annual.  Receiving that from my parents at the age of 12 was like Christmas morning.  “Jedi” was less memorable, and was broken up into four parts — I had more fun with the trading cards.


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