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“The Poets’ Residences” (A rhyming couplet)

This was in response to a writing prompt yesterday at the launch event for the Peeking Cat 2017 Anthology.  We had 20 minutes to write a rhyming couplet as part of a contest.  (The instructions were to write a rhyming couplet on the subject of “books.”)

I came up with this in five.  I’d like to think it’s not altogether bad.

“The Poets’ Residences”

Like ordered hearts we line our tomes
Along the walls of lovelorn homes.


Oh!  There was another writing prompt with the subject of “cats.”  Here is the untitled couplet I came up with for that:

The finest cats are not all kittens;
Cougars often leave me smitten.

(Yeah, that kinda isn’t high art.)