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An untitled poem by Pete Harrison

Pete Harrison has long been a valued contributor to this blog.  Tonight I’m fortunate enough to feature a poem he’s authored himself — one which I happen to like a lot.

Thanks, Pete!


We had just made love
There was enough light to see her
So I looked at her
Under the soft light
She smiled and asked what I was looking at
I said I was looking at her
Every part
Every mark
Every mole
She said she wished I would not do that
She said she had parts of her that she did not like
She said she had been told that they were imperfections
And when I told her it was all these parts I loved
Because they were all parts of her
And to me she was perfection
She laughed quietly
And looked away from my eyes
I will never be with her again
And I still don’t know
If she believed it was true
For me about her
Or about her for herself
And I still don’t know
Why she would believe anyone or anything else