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The Powers that Bee.

If you haven’t visited the The Bees Are Dead recently, then why not stop by this weekend?  There is some terrific poetry from Wren TuathaAllison Grayhurst and Randall Rogers, as well as some truly amazing “Masters of the Universe” fan art by celebrated film art concept designer Paul Gerrard.  (80’s kids will love it.)

The newest item featured over at B.A.D. is an official response by Beth Fukumoto, who is a member of the Hawaii House of Representatives, to a racist hate letter that she recently received.  Fukumoto, who switched her party affiliation earlier this year from Republican to Democrat, has been a target of racially motivated antipathy since then.  (Fukumoto was actually interviewed by B.A.D.’s own Dennis Villelmi in April.)




Stop by The Bees Are Dead.

If you haven’t caught up with The Bees Are Dead lately, now is a good time to do so.  B.A.D. featured a particularly potent piece today by Stephen Jarrell Williams, “In the Desert.”  It’s a surprisingly effective poem despite its deceptively simple language, and I recommend it highly.

You can also find an outstanding example of prose poetry in Darren C. Demaree’s “Trump as a Fire Without Light #86.”  (This is actually one of my favorite poems submitted to B.A.D. so far, and I have no doubt that many readers both here in America and abroad will relate to its poignant social commentary.)

Be sure to peruse Wren Tuatha’s “The Trees Tell Our Future” too.  It’s a beautifully evocative poem that has stayed with me long after I read it for the first time.