The The’s “Helpline Operator”

That headline isn’t a typo — the name of this group actually is “The The,” which made them incredibly hard to Google for me for a very long time.  Turns out song titles help out a lot in online searches.

I used to opine that Depeche Mode was a sexier Pink Floyd with a faster beat.  (Relax purists, I know that absolutely no one can truly compare to Pink Floyd.)  I like to think of “The The” as though they were a low-tech garage-band equivalent of Depeche Mode  — like maybe somebody crossbred Mode with Weezer, and threw some saxophone in.

Anyway, this 1993 album, “Dusk,” brings back college memories for me in the same way that “They Might Be Giants” or “Three Dog Night” probably does for my classmates.


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