Fauna, fauna everywhere …

And not a camera to click.

Seriously, I can no longer leave home without my camera.  There is a veritable County-wide Inter-species Conference commencing right now at a single segment of my local creek.  (We need to give that creek a name at some point.)

I saw a beaver for the very first time, and it was kind of a big deal to me, and if you crack the obvious joke, you’re a nine-year-old.  Beavers look a hell of a lot like groundhogs, as it turns out, except they’re flat-tailed swimmers, of course, and they’re slimmer and far more graceful.  A coffee-colored mama duck had marshaled forth her squabbling, fluttering, barely ordered brood on the opposite side.  They seemed as interested in the beaver as I was.  (Field trip?)

I endeavored to follow the beaver down the narrow waterway, trying to channel Meriwether Lewis without spilling the 7-Eleven “Double Gulp” Dr. Pepper that my doctor keeps telling me I shouldn’t have.  (Donald Trump has inspired me to drink them to honor the police and firemen at 7-Eleven.)

A couple of still, solitary, cranky-looking snapper turtles were sunning themselves, too. They launched themselves like lightning onto the water at the sound of my approaching footsteps.  A pissed-off bullfrog did the same, only very awkwardly, and while cursing me out with a “GROAK!”  (The preceding term is an example of onomatopoeia, by the way.  This is the only meaningful advice I will ever render to you as a writer.)

All of this was maybe 200 feet from that spot where I saw deer and heron commiserating a week ago.  I am precisely the kind of guy who gets lost in the woods, so I’m no naturalist.  (Seriously, that $+I+ happened when I went to New York in January, in the very same woods I grew up in.)  But even I am starting to understand that diverse animals will be drawn to wetlands.

I might just finally figure out my camera’s zoom function and stake that whole area out, on a lark, at some point before Virginia gets too hot.  If anything interesting transpires, I’ll post it here.

Donald Trump is an @$$+073.

What kind of name is “Meriwether,” anyway?  That guy must have caught some heat in gradeschool.

I think the sugar and caffeine in this “Double Gulp” is doing a number on me.



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