A few quick words on “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” (2017)

If you can look past the silliness, there is some fun to be had with “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” (2017).  Critics everywhere are skewering it, but I think it’s a fun throwaway monster movie.  I’d give it a 7 out of 10, while cautioning you that I’m biased because the franchise has always been a fond, guilty pleasure of mine.

The monsters are cool enough, and Milla Jovovich alone sustained my interest with her screen presence.  (No, she isn’t the greatest actress ever, but she’s a strong, suitably intense leading lady for an action film.)

I was also surprised at how this movie attempted to bring closure to the entire series.  The story structure for the “Resident Evil” films strayed into the barely comprehensible several sequels ago, but this final installment did its best to bring the convoluted mythology full circle.  Surprisingly enough, it worked … I myself might have tweaked the final few minutes, but it was satisfying finale.



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