Methinks thou dost project too much.

Donald Trump accuses Barack Obama of colluding with Russia?

That’s like O.J.’s search for “the real killers.”

On a related note, the “I’mwithDepp” hashtag was brought to my attention today … I myself am NOT with Depp.

Vote Trump out of office and challenge his administration in the courts. Or, better yet? MOCK him.

If “a coward dies a thousand deaths,” then a wounded narcissist dies ten thousand.  Trump, and all men like him, have an easily exploited vulnerability — ridicule will keep them up at night, far more than it would keep up you or I.  You know what would cause more far more pain than any act of violence? Suggesting that he has “tiny hands.” Or suggesting that a Black man and a constitutional lawyer who graduated with honors from Harvard was a better president than him.



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