Homeland Insecurity.

I was never anything resembling Eagle Scout material.  But I was a Cub Scout since I was old enough, and I was a Boy Scout for a year.

I never heard an adult connected with the organization even mention politics once.

I just can’t believe the extent to which Trump seems to constantly betray his own insecurities. Everything he says seems intended to show us that he is somehow better than Obama or Hillary. He’s like a child who repeatedly proclaims that he is smarter or tougher than the next kid. If Trump has so much confidence in his superiority, then why should he feel the need to endlessly remind the rest of us?

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but maybe needful competition is even more sincere.




One thought on “Homeland Insecurity.”

  1. I think he’s an insecure bully.
    Even with his self-proclaimed huge bankroll, he still feels the need to wave it in our faces and brag that he’s “richer than” so-and-so, or stronger or smarter.
    He’s been like that for a very long time, from what I’ve seen. Even when he was hitting the campaign trail, I knew he wouldn’t be good in the office.
    I likened it to his “Apprentice” show, where he’d get frustrated if someone else proved him wrong and say, “You’re Fired!” (Just to clarify- I never watched the show.)

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