Yeah, my old Halloween decorations are pretty modest.

The ones that I received as a gift last week are a thousand times cooler.

And I still haven’t gotten around to creating or buying a proper glow-in-the-dark skull, as my efforts to craft one last year ended so roundly in disaster.

Still, the light-up plastic pumpkin is pretty neat.  There was a little boy up in Northern Virginia who was utterly fascinated by it.  I wanted so badly to give it to him, but of course you can’t give an electrical item to a young kid.

Speaking of pumpkins, you can see below that I did get a real one this year.  What should I do with it?  Draw a face?  Carve it into a Jack-o’-lantern?  I have zero artistic ability, so I’m only going to embarrass myself.  If I do anything with it, I have my heart set on the mask design for Matt Wagner’s “Grendel” comic book villain.  But I’m still open to suggestions, and I can always get another pumpkin.









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