A brush with uncertainty.

Sooooo, I suppose this is one of the reasons they tell you to never hike alone — the disorienting, downright Lovecraftian plantlife that limits your visibility, confuses your sense of direction and challenges your sanity.  (I arrived at this insight hiking alone.)  I have recently come to understand that this is what the people from the South and the West sometimes refer to as “the brush.”

I am frequently surprised when walking through the hills at how uneven the terrain is.  (Probably why they call it “the hills.”)  But I’m gaining a new appreciation for how daunting mountain flora can be.

I also saw a white-tailed deer — it looked as big as a frikkin’ Clydesdale.






2 thoughts on “A brush with uncertainty.

  1. I’ve always loved walking through the woods and frequently look for areas not violated by others. And I often can be found doing so alone.
    What I dread is seeing evidence of “city folk” who don’t care what they destroy to make their way through. They also have a bad habit of leaving droppings- and I’m not talking the fecal kind. They drop their trash wherever they empty it. Makes me want to gather it up, find where they live and drop it off in their front yard after running it through a wood chipper… just to make it harder for them to clean up.
    Vindictive? ME??? nah…

    Great photos, by the way.

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