“When a problem comes along, you must WIP it.”

This song is dedicated to writers with W.I.P.’s (works in progress) everywhere.

You know — like something that’s 75 or 80 percent finished, but lacks a proper ending. You just KNOW you need to finish it … even if it’s for no other reason than the sunk costs fallacy. (You’ve already invested so much time and effort!)

I’ve got two such projects. Let’s make a pact. I’ll finish mine if you finish yours. (I almost wrote “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” and that’s weirdly Freudian. I’m glad I caught myself.) Anyway, we’ll ALL be winners, so we ALL get the shiny red hats.

Now WIP it
Into shape!
Shape it up!
Get straight!
Go forward!
Move ahead!
Try to detect it!
It’s not too late
To WIP it!
WIP it good!

[Update: oh god, now this song is in my head and won’t stop! Send in Credence Clearwater Revival immediately!]


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