Another year of goating older.

So I got a couple of early birthday presents in the mail from you writery types …

Thank you!!

I totally dig my “Grendel” comics (Vivat Grendel!), and my wicked cool crystal skulls (I’m pretty sure they make me Indiana Nolan).  I must say that I’m still a bit befuddled, however, by the “Horny Goat Weed.”

Exactly how is Horny Goat Weed employed?  Is it meant to repel horny goats?  (I can’t imagine their arrival is welcomed by most of us.)  Or to attract horny goats?  (If you want to breed them on your farm, then it would be helpful.)  Is it meant to placate horny goats by making them more chill?  Is this the kind of weed that Jeff Session wouldn’t approve of?

I’ll update you all as information develops.





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