What if God was one of us?

Today’s artwork is definitely the weirdest birthday greeting I received this week … it comes to me from my good friend Jorgen over in Denmark.  I’ve never before received a birthday message depicting me as a deity.

It’s weirdly hilarious, but it is also vaguely unnerving.  I don’t know why, but I never thought I’d be so terrifying rendered as a celestial Eric.

Thanks again, Jorgen!

By the way, I can easily think of several people in New York who would attest that this is indeed the view I hold of myself.



3 thoughts on “What if God was one of us?

  1. Jørgen Laursen says:

    You’re welcome, Erik.

    I thought that, having forgotten your birthday, and what with you remembering mine, I had to do something a bit special. Hence, I dusted off my vestigial PaintShop Pro skills and went to work on a fitting tribute, something to express my contrition at my own forgetfullness. And having recently rewatched “Time Bandits,” it came to me in a blinding flash. ‘Repent, Jørgen!’ Said the Ticktockman!

    Also, to be quite honest, I was kind of procrastinating because I had a work thing which I’ve been postponing, and it’s a lot more fun to rummage around in PSP’s transparency filters, trying to elicit gratuitous guffaws from my Facebook friends, than it is to do actual work.

    In other words, a perfect storm. 🙂

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