The Coincidental Cat.

I ordered my copy of the Peeking Cat Anthology 2018 this morning, and the poetry gods were evidently pleased enough to thank me via emissary.  (The little lady below accosted me at the stores a little while ago and made it clear she wanted to be my new best friend.)

She was a weeee bit scratchy for someone hoping for human companionship.  But I didn’t hold that against her, even if I couldn’t take her in.

What’s weird is that there are very few stray cats at all in Roanoke — it’s not like New York, where they’re everywhere.  (Rabbits, deer and groundhogs are far more plentiful; it’s just a different ecosystem. And I might have seen a badger once.)  But this is the first stray cat I’ve seen since I arrived a year and half ago.

Hey, if you want to order a copy of the anthology, you can find it right here.



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