A few future publications …

Hey, gang.  The holidays and the new year are nearly upon us, and I just wanted to give you a rundown of some publications of my writing that will appear between now and the spring.

The Bees Are Dead is scheduled to publish my poem “school shooter” sometime this month.

Down in the Dirt magazine has selected my poem, “hens staring upward,” for publication in its March/April 2019 issue. The issue will be released on April 1, and will be available both in print and online.

The Piker Press will feature five submissions of my writing in the coming months.  My time-machine horror story, “Shine Now, Fiercely, Forever,” will appear at the weekly online literary magazine on December 10th.

Four poems of mine will also be featured by the Piker Press next year: “This Windy Morning” (January 14th), “Roanoke Summer Midnight” (February 18th), “Confession” (April 8th) and “My Mother’s Apartment” (May 6th).

I hope you are all as eager as I am for a festive season.  Have fun, stay safe and be well.



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