More vintage Christmas card weirdness.

Here is another of those strange vintage Christmas cards that I talked about yesterday.  If you wander around Pinterest or Wikimedia Commons, you’ll see that people from generations past often had a sense of humor that is as weird as the average meme-make today.  The card below dates from the Victorian era, and serves as an example of a greeting card that features a brief, bizarre, rhyming poem.

It also illustrates what seems to me to be a common trope.  Vintage holiday cards (which appear to include those for Thanksgiving and New Year’s) often feature the same common subjects that their designers deemed both funny and festive.  These include baby chicks (cute enough), dirigibles (because … blimps are interesting?) and frogs (huh?).

Anyway … the frogs you see upended below are actually serving up a parable to the reader.  (They slipped on the ice, you see, because they disobeyed their mother’s wishes.)  Soooooo, this card was meant for children?  Or … adults with a dark sense of humor who enjoy laughing at frogs’ injuries?

Also … they’re carrying pipes.  How old are these disobedient frogs?



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