Everyone is talking about the Covington kids.

(And that sounds like one weird-ass children’s TV show, like maybe a right-wing Care Bears or something.)  But let’s also remember there are other things going on in the news today as well:

  1. Michael Cohen postponed his February 7th testimony before Congress about the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia during the 2016 election because he claimed that his family was being threatened by President Trump.  Then the Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenaed him to testify next month anyway.
  2. The White House has been drafting a national emergency proclamation to unilaterally require the Defense Department to erect Trump’s border wall without Congressional approval.
  3. Roger Stone was arrested by the FBI this morning in connection with Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.  He was indicted by a grand jury last night on seven counts, including one count of witness tampering.  (As of this writing, he was just released on a $250,000 bond.)

You can’t make this stuff up, ladies and gentlemen.




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