Would you like to be in Skybald’s next heavy metal music video?

Of course you would.  I don’t even need to ask that.

It’s actually quite easy, given an especially creative project that the United Kingdom’s progressive alt-metal band has underway.  Skybald is assembling a montage music video for their newest song, “Kamikaze Pilots,” and are inviting people to submit video clips that can be edited into it.  (The song is really, truly damned great, by the way; it’s my favorite of theirs so far.)

All you need to do, if you’re interested, is query Skybald via their Facebook page right here, and they’ll send you a link to the song where you can play it for free online.  Then just make a video of yourself rocking out to it and send the video to them via the same Facebook page.

“Kamikaze Pilots” is a slight departure from Skybald’s usual style.  It has more of a classic rock/heavy metal feel to it than the band’s past work.  It’s probably more reminiscent of metal in the 1970’s or 80’s.  (Maybe it’s why this old man likes it so much.)  If you happen to like it, then do check out Skybald on Spotify.



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