This picture of tonight’s lunar eclipse is kinda terrible.

You probably should have gone outside and viewed it yourself, if you didn’t.

It was also a … Super Blood Wolf Moon, which I am sure is significant somehow.  I could Google it, but it is so damned cold outside that my fingers are partially frozen, and I can hardly type this blog post.

It actually was vaguely creepy to watch; it’s easy to see why medieval folks would have freaked out about this if they didn’t know the cause.

Somebody needs to name their band “Super Blood Wolf Moon.”  (Maybe I could talk those Skybald chaps into renaming themselves.)  Or a child.  A child would be even better.



Rockin’ in the UK! (Skybald to play at Metal Xmas Mayhem on December 23rd.)

If you are in the vicinity of Derby in the United Kingdom, then do stop in to The Hairy Dog around 7 PM on December 23rd for some Metal Xmas Mayhem.  Among the featured bands will be none other than Skybald — which a lot of folks in the indie lit community will recognize as that of Philippe Atherton-Blenkiron.

The event’s details are featured in the poster below; for more information on Skybald, check out the band’s Facebook page.