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A look at “Love, Loss and Cardiac Issues”

I am quite enjoying Love, Loss and Cardiac Issues, a 357-page tome of prose and poetry published by Impspired Magazine in the United Kingdom.  This is truly a special anthology that was undertaken by the publisher to benefit cardiac research — it features the work of writers whose lives have been affected in one way or another by loss connected with heart disease.

There are more than 70 contributors here (of whom I am one).  The authors I have enjoyed so far are too many to mention.  I can easily think of several early standouts, however — Rhona Stephens’ heartrending poem “Greeting” is one.  So, too, were Peter Magliocco’s “Gazing at the Vandalized Space” and Mark Blickley and Francesca Schwartz’ short story, “Pumped Up For Next Gig.”  I really am honored to see my work included alongside that of such talented creators.

This is a great book.  I highly recommend it.


Impspired includes one of my poems in the “Love, Loss and Cardiac Issues” special fundraising anthology.

I am truly honored to have a poem selected for a special project undertaken by Impspired in the United Kingdom — a new literary collection entitled Love, Loss and Cardiac Issues.  The anthology is composed of creative work from people throughout the world whose lives have been touched by loss due to heart disease.  Impspired will donate the profits from the collection to cardiac research.

The cover art that you see was created by the talented Poppy M. E. Brill, a 15-year-old student from Lincolnshire, UK.

The poem of mine selected was my prose love poem, “Her Smile Was Silver Jupiter.”  I am grateful indeed to Editor Steve Cawte for allowing my work to be a part of this important publication.

Love, Loss and Cardiac Issues can be ordered right here from Amazon.


My poetry will be included in Newington Blue Press’ “100 Years of Bukowski” chapbook!

I have some really damned cool news, guys — two poems of mine will be featured in an upcoming limited-edition chapbook in Europe commemorating what would have been the 100th birthday of Charles Bukowski!  Newington Blue Press announced today that it will release 100 Years of Bukowski (100 Jahre Bukowski) next week.

The chapbook will be 68 pages long, and this initial run will consist of just 100 numbered copies.  Its featured writing and art were selected to showcase “a conversance and artistic involvement with the phenomenon of Bukowski.”  The poems of mine to be included are “Guerrilla Poet” and “First Smoke.”  I am grateful indeed to Newington Blue Press for allowing me to be a part of such a unique publication.

You can pre-order an advance copy of the chapbook via the publisher right here.

Newington Blue Press is based in Germany and the United Kingdom.



Photo credit: GFreihalter / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

Rockin’ in the UK! (Skybald to play at Metal Xmas Mayhem on December 23rd.)

If you are in the vicinity of Derby in the United Kingdom, then do stop in to The Hairy Dog around 7 PM on December 23rd for some Metal Xmas Mayhem.  Among the featured bands will be none other than Skybald — which a lot of folks in the indie lit community will recognize as that of Philippe Atherton-Blenkiron.

The event’s details are featured in the poster below; for more information on Skybald, check out the band’s Facebook page.





Publication Notice: Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine will feature “This Windy Morning”

I just received some very nice news — Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine in the United Kingdom will publish my ghost story poem, “This Windy Morning,” in its February 2018 issue.  The issue will be released soon, and I believe that it again will be available in both softcover and PDF format.

“This Windy Morning” was first published by Poetry Pacific in November 2017.  I’ll post links when it appears over at Peeking Cat.

I hope that you all are enjoying this sunny but blustery winter weekend.