Rockin’ in the UK! (Skybald to play at Metal Xmas Mayhem on December 23rd.)

If you are in the vicinity of Derby in the United Kingdom, then do stop in to The Hairy Dog around 7 PM on December 23rd for some Metal Xmas Mayhem.  Among the featured bands will be none other than Skybald — which a lot of folks in the indie lit community will recognize as that of Philippe Atherton-Blenkiron.

The event’s details are featured in the poster below; for more information on Skybald, check out the band’s Facebook page.





Publication Notice: Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine will feature “This Windy Morning”

I just received some very nice news — Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine in the United Kingdom will publish my ghost story poem, “This Windy Morning,” in its February 2018 issue.  The issue will be released soon, and I believe that it again will be available in both softcover and PDF format.

“This Windy Morning” was first published by Poetry Pacific in November 2017.  I’ll post links when it appears over at Peeking Cat.

I hope that you all are enjoying this sunny but blustery winter weekend.




Throwback Thursday: The Halloween Skull Safety Flashlight!

This is probably an obscure Throwback Thursday — although these kinds of products are still sold today, the one below is an early 1980’s variation that seems mostly lost to history.  What you see below is a … “safety light?”  It’s just a simple flashlight with a crude molded plastic head when you screwed it on tight enough to close the simple circuit with the Size D batteries.   So the skull lit up.

I’m pretty sure variations were sold with ghosts or jack-o-lanterns, either at King Kullen Supermarkets or Genovese drug stores.  (My friends in the United Kingdom are a little puzzled at the term “drug store;” I wonder now if even some of my younger countrymen have ever been in a mom-and-pop “drug store,” instead of a CVS or a Walgreens.)

I still remember my mother bringing this home for me after a shopping trip.  Good LORD did this thing bring joy to a little boy.