Impspired includes one of my poems in the “Love, Loss and Cardiac Issues” special fundraising anthology.

I am truly honored to have a poem selected for a special project undertaken by Impspired in the United Kingdom — a new literary collection entitled Love, Loss and Cardiac Issues.  The anthology is composed of creative work from people throughout the world whose lives have been touched by loss due to heart disease.  Impspired will donate the profits from the collection to cardiac research.

The cover art that you see was created by the talented Poppy M. E. Brill, a 15-year-old student from Lincolnshire, UK.

The poem of mine selected was my prose love poem, “Her Smile Was Silver Jupiter.”  I am grateful indeed to Editor Steve Cawte for allowing my work to be a part of this important publication.

Love, Loss and Cardiac Issues can be ordered right here from Amazon.


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