People are using the word “coup.”

As of this writing (2:46 AM), Biden is reportedly still ahead in both the electoral and popular vote.

Yet I’m reading that Trump declared victory and says he is going to go to the Supreme Court to have voting stopped.

“This is a major fraud on our nation … so we’ll be going to the US Supreme Court. We want all voting to stop.”

He seems to be making no effort to hide the fact that he simply wishes that certain votes not be counted. As far as I can tell so far, he’s not even offering a rationale …

Stopping voting by fiat? Even if he wins legitimately (which is quite possible), this is still the action of a despot.

If I am reading this wrong, please feel free to correct me.

Update: most of you all are already aware that conventional wisdom says that mail-in ballots will favor Biden.

Update 2: This is is insane.

From CNN: “It is a distressing moment for me as a long time Republican to see a call to disenfranchise so many people,” said [Republican election lawyer Ben Ginsberg.] “…What the President said tonight is not only unprecedented and it not only lacks any basis in the law, it really is a disservice to all the other men and women who are on the ballot as Republicans today.”

When asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper whether he’d every seen anything like this from a President, he replied, “No. Not even close.”

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