Dead Letter Radio features “Imagine the Moon as Companion”

I’m truly honored today to hear another of my poems read by Taize Jones on Dead Letter Radio.  This time out, Taize employed his vocal talents to interpret “Imagine the Moon as Companion” on Episode 41 of the program.  You can find it right here — my piece begins right at the seven-minute mark.

You can also find the episode on SpotifyApple Podcasts and Listen Notes.

Dead Letter Radio remains a unique online venue for writers and listeners — its tone and atmosphere are less like those of a podcast and more like sitting down, relaxing and reading aloud with a few good friends.  For me, it’s one of the best things on the net.


Photo credit: By Joe Haupt from USA – Vintage Emerson Table Radio, Model 439, AM Band, 6 Vacuum Tubes, Walnut Veneer Cabinet, Made In USA, Circa 1941-1942 (1942 Model), CC BY-SA 2.0,

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