A word about joy …

If people want to enjoy something, then let them enjoy it … there’s no point in taking their joy away by shaming them over something that brings them happiness. Be kind. JUST KIDDING — PUMPKIN PIE IS ****ING DISGUSTING — AND YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED FOR YOUR PERVERSE IMPULSE TO ACTUALLY *INGEST* THE STUFF.

Update: Shephard’s pie ain’t all that great either. And I’m allowed to say that because I’m Irish.

Here’s an irony for you. I actually WOULD probably love octopus pie, if such a dish existed — and that doubtless would repulse a lot of people. But I love the squiggly little tasty fellas. OMG — they could call it “octo-pie” and its name could be a pun. I need to patent this idea.

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