Throwback Thursday: Adventureland in Farmingdale, NY!

My 6th grade classmates and I would have gone to Adventureland even before this ad was made.  (I am linking here to Jay Lifton’s Youtube channel; he writes that this ad aired around 1987 … my friends and I went there after graduating from grade school into middle school.)

I’ll never forget the fun we had.  I rode The Gravitron!  But those giant rotating swings — the kind you can find at just about any carnival — were my favorite.

Adventureland is still around.  It hit its 60th birthday this year.

Tragically, Wikimedia informs me that there were two ride-related deaths — which really surprises me, because I remember the rides as being pretty tame stuff.  Both deaths occurred within a week of each other in 2005, and the details are pretty horrifying.  Wow.

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