Come on, Baby, light my fire.

A woman I know is into Wicca (or Druidism, possibly?). I don’t know. She needed a lighter for a candle-light … thing, I dunno. Maybe it’s the Equinox again. Girls like her have an Equinox they can invoke anytime they feel like getting witchy. Last year, there were like seven of them.

Anyway, she asked me to pick her up a lighter. I stopped off at a service station before I met up with her.

This is the lighter the dude behind the counter handed me. I did not request it. Nor did I notice the artwork until I handed it to my friend for her ritual. It was awkward, is all I’m saying.

There were plenty of regular, plain lighters behind the counter! Why did he hand me this one?!

IMG_20221121_032923164 - Copy

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