Throwback Thursday: “Prisoners of the Lost Universe” (1983)!

I remember being thrilled with “Prisoners of the Lost Universe” (1983) when I found it flipping channels in the mid-1980’s.  Out of curiosity, I hunted down a online copy during one of my recent episodes of insomnia.  (You can find the full movie just under the trailer below, courtesy of the good people at Flick Vault.)

The film … didn’t hold up well over time.  (I could only endure about the first half hour.)  Oh, well.  Not everything can be the goofy rediscovered gem that my beloved, rediscovered “Spacehunter” is.

But I’ll always remember being delighted by this ham-handed parallel universe tale when I was a kid.

By the way, the hero here is none other than Richard Hatch of “Battlestar Galactica” (1978) fame.


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