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Eric Robert Nolan graduated from Mary Washington College in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. He spent several years a news reporter and editorial writer for the Culpeper Star Exponent in Culpeper, Virginia. His work has also appeared on the front pages of numerous newspapers in Virginia, including The Free Lance – Star and The Daily Progress. Eric entered the field of philanthropy in 1996, as a grant writer for nonprofit healthcare organizations. Eric’s poetry has been featured by Dead Beats Literary Blog, Dagda Publishing, The International War Veterans’ Poetry Archive, and elsewhere. His poetry will also be published by Illumen Magazine in its Spring 2014 issue.

Another positive customer review at for my novel.

Another positive customer at Amazon review for my novel, with 5 out of 5 stars. 🙂

First customer review at Amazon for “The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More” is extremely positive.

The first customer review at Amazon for “The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More” was overwhelmingly positive, with a 5 out of 5 stars.

“La Befana: An Italian Night After Christmas”

Well, I had a nice holiday treat today — I got acquainted with the children’s stories of my old friend and Mary Washington College alum, Sunday Frey-Blanchard. Sunday was kind enough to share her work with me, and I was charmed by her natural talent as an engaging storyteller.

Sunday actually published her first children’s book in 2007, entitled “La Befana: An Italian Night After Christmas.” I peeked inside using Amazon’s “Look Inside” option, and the illustrations, by Sunday’s father, are adorable. If you’re looking for a new tale to share with your little ones this holiday season, give it a look:


“Iridescent Green Sharks” attracts readers at

I was pleased to see today that my self-published romance story, “Iridescent Green Sharks,” attracted 125 reads over at Wattpad.

It certainly isn’t the best story I’ve ever written, but it was something I wanted to share, and I am pleased it found an audience.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, I’m especially grateful for all of the intelligent and creative people in my life who are stimulating muses and sources of inspiration — my friends who are novelists, story writers, poets, artists, editors, publishers, screenwriters, actors, choreographers, music lovers … and people who just plain enjoy a good poem or story.

I’m truly fortunate to find myself in the company of people who encourage me, challenge me, and, from time to time, show me the way.

Only a couple of more days to enter the drawing for a free copy of “The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More”

From Dagda Publishing:  [Last couple of days to enter the Goodreads giveaway for The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More. This is your chance to get a free copy of this stunning debut sci-fi/horror novel.]

“All Hail the New Flesh!”

Here is a rundown of the authors whose work will be featured in Dagda Publishing’s next sci-fi anthology, “All Hail the New Flesh.” It includes several talented friends of mine, so I know that this is a collection I’ll be looking forward to!
From Dagda Publishing:  [Well, it’s been a busy day, but we can now announce the authors who will be included in our next sci-fi anthology, “All Hail The New Flesh”. These are:
J S Collyer
Dennis Villelmi 
Seppo Kukri
Jessica B. Bell
Ben Stewart 
Stephen McQuiggan
Shaun Berge Donald
Andrea Hinchey
Frank Westworth
Samuel Barker
Teresa Bassett
Eric Robert Nolan
Jamie Burnette 

The stories themselves cover a multitude of angles on the theme of “Technology gone mad”, and it’s shaping up to be a great collection. Congratulations to all the successful authors!

More news on this collection soon.]

Publication Notice, “At the End of the World, My Daughter Wept Metal” to be Included in Dagda Publishing’s Next Short Story Anthology

Dagda Publishing’s next short story anthology, “All Hail the New Flesh,” will include a science fiction/ horror short story of mine. The anthology has the theme of “technology gone mad,” and my story is entitled “At the End of the World, My Daughter Wept Metal.”

Thank you, Dagda Publishing, for the opportunity to share my work!

Eric Robert Nolan on Goodreads

The good folks at Dagda Publishing set me up with my own author page on Goodreads. If you stop by, remember to “like” the page, and if you’re a Goodreads member, become a fan! 🙂