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“Give me my passage home …”

Give me my passage home, let me see that harbour once again, just as it was before I learned the bad words.  Patriarchs wiser than Abraham mended their nets on the modest wharf; white and wonderful things undressed on the sand dunes; sunset glittered on the plate-glass windows of the Marine Biological Station; far off on the extreme horizon, a whale spouted.  Look, Uncle, look.  They have broken my glasses and I have lost my silver whistle.  Pick me up, Uncle; let little Johnny ride away on your massive shoulders to recover his green kingdom, where the steam rollers are as friendly as the farm dogs …

— excerpt from W. H. Auden’s The Sea and the Mirror



“Lighthouse near Westkapelle,” Piet Mondrian, 1910

“They overran the house without loss of time.”

Illustration by Edmund Dulac for Arthur Quiller-Couch’s book, “The Sleeping Beauty and Other Fairy Tales from the Old French” (1910).  This illustration is from from the famous folktale “Bluebeard.”